2021 Conference

From the Eastern Piedmont to the Coastal Plain:  a cross section through the Richmond Area Fall Zone

postponed until Spring 2022

Upper photo- Cross bedding in the Cretaceous Potomac Group. Lower photo- Conglmerate in the Richmond basin.

Upper photo- Crossbedded feldspathic sands and organic rich silty clays within the Cretaceous Potomac Formation. Lower photo- Conglomerate in the Richmond basin.

Marcie Occhi, Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources

With contributions from:

XXXX, University of YYY


Friday, April 22nd – Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

based out of the Holiday Inn in CHESTERFIELD, VA

The 2021 Virginia Geological Field Conference has been postponed to the Spring of 2022 because of concerns about large gatherings during a surge in the COVID-19 pandemic.